Time Results Are In

October 23, 2014

Here are the results of the 2014 Hilly ride. These results may not compare exactly with your on course recordings but they should be a close estimate.  The clock started at 09 15 as the majority of the group made the intersection after the OPP prologue ride. If there is a gross discrepancy that you would like us to address, please drop me ( Greg Cooper) an e-mail. This was our first crack at timing and is more of an interesting addition to the Hilly experience for individuals to review.

Average Speed (km/h) First Name Last Name Gender
28.93 stacy wall Male
28.73 Robert Hamilton Male
28.73 Kevin Mahood Male
28.73 Tom Stefopulos Male
27.68 christopher reynolds Male
27.03 Ron Keslick Male
26.32 Mark Wheatcroft Male
26.23 Bob Cimon Male
26.23 Paul Comeau Male
26.23 David Viljoen ->
26.10 Paul Wojciechowski Male
25.40 Al watson Male
25.12 David Gillis Male
25.12 Rob Legge Male
25.12 Ed McNally Male
24.92 Michael Steepe Male
24.81 edgars apse Male
24.81 Andrew Wanie Jr Male
24.32 Super Dave Heisz Male
24.32 Henry Vanden Hoogen Male
23.43 Don Plenderleith Male
23.36 Greg Katz Male
23.02 Jenny Downtown Brown Female
23.02 Joseph Cunningham Male
22.60 Chris Wolnik ->
21.05 Roger Goehry Male
21.05 Robert Londei Male
20.00 Anita Halpern Female
18.82 Jessica Lloy Female
18.82 Kevin Morrell ->
18.82 Derek Morrell Male
18.82 SARA LAWRANCE Female
17.30 BRUCE DRAKE Male
Natalie Brownell Female
Jacob Adams Male
jacques bourbeau Male
Jim Downey Male
Clive Emery Male
Dave Field Male
Ben Freeburn Male
Gleb Jegaline Male
Joel Lafreniere Female
Kevin McLean Male
Scott Rathbone Male
Steward Rich Male
Adrienne Scott Female
Mark Shaw Male
Chris Slubicki Male
Gerry Thauvette Male

Anyone who tried and finished the ride are to be congratulated. All those that finished super fast, brag to your fellow riders and come on out next year and earn bragging rights.  Thanks again for riding the “Toughest” Century ride.