In Memory of Christine

June 25, 2014

Christine Emery, who along with her husband Clive, was an original spearhead for the development of the Hastings Highland Hilly Hundred, tragically passed away on June 25 th after a nine month battle with brain cancer. Some of last year’s riders will recall that Christine was suddenly ill at last year’s event. It was the beginning of her condition that drew to a sad conclusion recently. We had all hoped for her to witness one more “Hilly”. Instead we honour her with the continuation of this fine ride and have created a special “Chrissy Loop” of about 37 km for those who want to ride in support of her.

We have made a link to donate to our local hospital fund, a local heath facility that was important to her acute and palliative care. In addition there is an option to purchase pink arm warmers that will both keep you warm and allow you to visibly acknowledge and recognize Chrissy as you ride this year’s event. In the words of Chris: “Right on!”

  • Kim Sutherland

    This is a great photo of Chris who was always so full of life and “good to go” for a ride anytime. Looking forward to event this year. Kim

  • What a challenging and inspiring ride! Even though the weather was less than ideal, we thoroughly enjoyed this event, supporting an excellent cause. The aid station support was fantastic – chicken soup at CP2 – brilliant! Not sure I would have made it through graphite road hills without it. I will be sure to tell my cycling friends about this gem of an event. I never had the pleasure to meet Christine but was moved by such a wonderful tribute. Congrats on such great event.

  • Michael Beauchamp

    I met Christine (and Clive) many years ago and thought she was a very nice person.
    My condolences to you Clive.